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* Some integrations require a custom API

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Transfer your data is just a few clicks.

If we're no longer the right solution for you, we'll allow you to export and take your data at anytime for any reason.

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Our sign up is dead simple. We only require your basic company information and what type of data storage you want.

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We support bulk uploading via SQL, integrations with most data storage products, or you can use our API.

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Simply select where you'd like to transfer your data and we'll being the process of migrating it instantly.

* Some integrations require a custom API



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Learn how to build a chatbot enjoying a with friendly chatbot.


Chatbot in Sales business

After building my business bot, my work just got 100 times easier than before. I feel like I hired someone to handle all the customer queries.

what is carousel?

Carousel จะมีหน้าตาแบบรูปด้านซ้าย คือเป็นกล่องสี่เหลี่ยมที่สามารถใส่รูป, ข้อความ, ปุ่ม, และสามารถเลื่อนไปมาได้

Let's Create your first bots

When I first investigated about chatbots, I had no idea how it works. Everything seemed pretty complicated. I tried continuously and took help from the experts. Even though I learned it properly now, I am still confused at times. I still don’t know how to use some features under ‘more’ category.